Calvary Comox Valley

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Calvary Chapel has been formed as a Body of believers in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Our supreme desire is to know Christ and to be conformed into His image by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We are not a denominational church, nor are we opposed to denominations as such, only their overemphasis of doctrinal differences which have led to the division of the Body of Christ.

We believe that the only true basis of Christian fellowship is His love. Which is greater than any difference we possess, and without His love we cannot claim ourselves as Christians.






We believe that the book of Acts of the Apostles, as well as the epistles of the New Testament give us the principles by which the church is to function. We place great importance on the exposition of the Scriptures and a specific emphasis on verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter teaching through the entire Bible. We rely strongly upon the ministry of the Holy Spirit and seek to remain flexible to His leading. We believe that the Holy Spirit’s leading will always be consistent with the clear teaching of the Scripture. We are convinced that, where God guides, He provides. Therefore we trust the Lord to provide for and to build His church. We seek to worship and serve the Lord within the context of our culture, yet we recognize that the culture must conform to the Scriptures, not the Scriptures to the culture.




Calvary Comox Valley

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